Sunday, October 10, 2010

Solid Space

Solid Space - A Darkness In My Soul

planet of the vampires (complete movie playlist)

Richard Hell's Replaceable Head

She Cracked - Modern Lovers 1972 demo

Paul McCartney - Coming Up

Malaria: Your Turn to Run

The Octopus Ride



Einst├╝rzende Neubauten - from the film "1/2 Mensch"

70s *Count Chocula* Cereal Commercial

McDonald's ~ *PufnStuf* Commercial

Herman Singing Dry Bones

Kate Bush - Army Dreamers

The Residents - songs for swinging larvae

Me and my rhythm box

Bedazzled - Drimble Wedge & The Vegetations

Anny Ondra - Die vom Rummelplatz 1

Boyd Rice & Daniel Miller - Cleanliness & Order

Strawberry Switchblade -- Since Yesterday

Robots in disguise - turn it up

Dandi Wind: 2010

Dandi Wind: Pluck It Out

Dandi Wind - Decontaminate

Gods Toys (r)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gary Numan -This Wreckage 1980 TOTP

Tubeway Army - Down in the Park (x2)

two different video tv performances
-both are worth watching
-the song is THAT GOOD...

Gary Numan -I Dream of Wires

Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric '79

tubeway army -


Visage - Frequency 7 (Original 7" Mix) 1979

The Legendary Pink Dots - New Tomorrow

Edward Ka-Spel-Avengelist

Edward Ka-Spel-The Char Char

Edward Ka-Spel - Lady Sunshine

Edward Ka-Spel - Hotel X

The Legendary Pink Dots - Triple Moon Salute

The Legendary Pink Dots - Lucifer Landed

The Legendary Pink Dots - Softly Softly

The Legendary Pink Dots - We Bring The Day, pt 1

The Legendary Pink Dots - We Bring The Day, pt 2

The Tear Garden - New Eden

The Tear Garden - Ophelia 1986

The Vanishing - Lovesick

more 90's CD-ROM fantape

Martyr Whore

martyr whore - whisky burton

Martyr Whore - Roseydolvelt Ballet